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Queen Mary 2

Line: Cunard
Launched: 1st January 2004
Tonnage: 151,400
Length: 1132 feet
Total Crew: 1,253
Occupancy: 2,620
Rating: stars

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Queen Mary 2 is the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. Her every detail harkens to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel, while providing one of the most modern travel experiences on earth. From bow to stern, discover 14 spacious decks on which to relax and unwind; to indulge in pleasures and pursuits you never normally have time for. Opulent public areas, extravagant dining rooms, ballrooms, theatres, lounges...even the only Planetarium at sea. But words can only do such a lady so much justice. For to truly revel in the grandeur that is Queen Mary 2, you must sail with her.

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